DEMOLITION NOTICE – This website is scheduled for demolition in early to mid July 2017.  All information on this website will be updated until the day of demolition.  All future communication will be on the Mechanicsville Chess Club Facebook Page, please make note.  Thank you.

Mechanicsville Chess Club is a community chess club located in Hanover County, Virginia.  We meet twice a month in Mechanicsville and twice a month in Ashland.  There are no membership dues or fees.  All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to grand master.  Mechanicsville Chess Club is an adult chess group, however, all ages are welcome.  Chess players under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, *no exceptions.  We offer everything chess: casual chess, club chess (with a clock), blitz, bullet, and bughouse are all welcome.  Post game analysis and helping new players understand the rules is encouraged.  A few chess sets are usually available.  Please bring your own chess set and clock if you have them.

Mechanicsville Chess Club is holding OPEN meetings at three locations here in Hanover County.  We meet between 6pm-8:30pm on Tuesday evenings.  You can quickly view our next (4) meetings by clicking here.   To view and print our annual meeting schedule click here.

*All chess meetings are unsupervised and will require all minors, those under 18 years of age, to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while attending any of the chess meetings.  This guideline is required by all locations hosting the chess club meetings.  This is an adult chess club and everyone, including minors, will be expected to act respectful to others and to conduct themselves in a manner that would be expected in a formal adult environment.

Club History (milestones):

2013 November — The club first met at the Mechanicsville Branch Library.
2014 March — Second meeting location established, Atlee Branch Library.
2014 May — First Exhibition Chess Match, location Atlee Branch Library.
2014 July — Official Club Website Established.
2014 July — Third meeting location established, Eastern Hanover Volunteer Fire Station.
2014 September — Hanover County Parks & Recreation begins scheduling meetings.
2015 September — First meeting in Ashland, location Ashland Branch library.
2016 January — New meeting locations and annual registration with Parks & Recreation.